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What to Expect Websites To Look Like In 2015!

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Are you considering a redesign of your website in the New Year? Do you know what the latest design trends for websites are and how you can catch the latest vibe? I was recently talking to a graphics designer that predicted the rise and fall of design trends for the next year, what will catch on and what will fall by the wayside.

Here are some 2015 Design trends to look out for:


The first design trend to watch out for is the use of different writing on a website; actually would you be surprised to see 3D effects? The shadow effect has been dropped back in again (No pun intended) so you may start seeing colour overlays to add an extra depth.

Mobile Optimised

This started getting popular at the middle of last year making sure you can see a website clearly on a mobile display, instead of Zooming in and out then getting confused what you just clicked on and ending up clicking on a link you didn’t want or poking someone accidentally on Facebook. Not just for mobile optimisation but now people want a website to load quickly and react fast so performance is going to be a big sticking point to watch out for!

Wearable Technology

This may catch on soon, since the start of September shops have started selling more and more of these smart watches, yes being able to call someone using a watch (Never Thought I’ll see the day) but now being able to access the internet and websites, this may seem too good to be true but you read right!

Full Screen Displays

People love big expensive gadgets right? 52inch Curved TV or Google Glass! Well it’s catching on even on websites. Yes having a big, full screen display of a video or HD Picture seems to be going viral instead of reading a book with pictures in people would prefer to see it on their tablet or computer.


The latest trend that people are catching onto is the mosaic display! What’s that you may ask? A bit like cards scattered on a website which offer snippets of information and then a link to the lengthy content. Short, sweet and to the point I always say!


Everyone who knows me knows that my drawings are dreadful, I can’t draw an apple to look like an apple it tends to look like an oddly shaped banana. My drawings won’t go viral but Hand Drawn elements seem to have a place on a website now making it more personal and showing illustrations in a more unique and subtle way.

Responsive Design and Typography

Responsive Design has been around for some time and links to mobile optimisation showing the website in a better way on a mobile display or smaller device, but now this last trend on having responsive typography will become the norm on a website. Knowing that whoever visits your site can read your content as painless as possible, changing the scale according to what the user requires. Use this Checklist to see if your website matches the current trends or whether you will fall by the wayside.

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